San Clemente Needs BMX Jumps

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2/20/2011 10:01 PM

I ride almost everyday in San Clemente at the local Cristianitos Road Jumps... But it feels like thats all there is and I think its time for a little more. If you live in San Clemente lets go out and build. Go anywhere you can find and get a little dirty. Who knows? Maybe we can get something a little better started in our very street orientated town. If you are looking for a place to ride trails I wud suggest the Christianitos Road jumps... just start riding up Christianitos Road and there is a bit of a clearing on the left hand side and thats where they are at.
Anyone who knows about the Christianitos Road jumps needs to help build the stuff there up and make new jumps. There is a lot of waisted space and due to the overload of rain this year there is plenty of good dirt to use.