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5/27/2010 3:01 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/15/2016 2:42 AM

jus some things that im not using

Scrap clips from Conor Winters on Vimeo.


shoot those Bs

5/27/2010 3:05 PM

I'm jealous of those hang fives,good riding


5/27/2010 4:49 PM

Good riding


5/27/2010 5:07 PM

arent you on grass roots? sick hang 5s and riding bro!


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5/27/2010 7:08 PM

nice man!!!
any tips on hang fives?


5/27/2010 7:20 PM

sickk riding!
love the hang 5's, ive been workin on mine recently


5/27/2010 7:22 PM



My nigga Ressler, stay up!
My nigga Babysatan, stay up!
My nigga Copiolet, stay up!
My nigga DakAttack, stay up!
My nigga NCDave, stay up!
My nigga Enzo, stay up!

And I ride for my niggas

5/27/2010 7:24 PM

you are tiny as fuck


ferthebirdz wrote: my pegs are called cranks..

5/27/2010 7:26 PM

Good riding!