Sean Burns has balls of steel

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7/19/2013 6:58 AM


I'm gonna need bigger bars

7/19/2013 7:10 AM

Good at stating the obvious aren't you.


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7/19/2013 7:30 AM

He probably replaced his bones with eclat tibia cranks


7/19/2013 8:18 AM

Well, he had to get a new gooch after using it to break his fall, haha.


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7/19/2013 10:02 AM



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7/19/2013 11:29 AM

Yeah, I heard that he broke his dick or something like that.


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7/19/2013 11:43 AM

isnowyaznV2 wrote:

Yeah, I heard that he broke his dick or something like that.

Yeah he was trying to caveman stairs...who the fuck does that? (Him and garret reeves)


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7/19/2013 11:45 AM

That looked painful man, dis one time "at band camp" I was bhopping this bigass rock but I was coming in too nose heavy so i took my feet off to land and my seat tried to tear me a new one, it raped the shit outta me and in the process destroyed my gooch, the pain was so bad I fainted. I know, what a pussy right!

anyway cuz of that I feel mr burns pain here.

No bullshit just a Cool story from a bro.


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7/19/2013 11:50 AM

When Sean Burns suffers a panda somewhere in China dies.


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7/19/2013 11:59 AM

Hahaha i never share videos on facebook but when i saw that eclat posted that it was too good not to share! hahaha Back when i rode a Haro i tried to drop this gap over a shrub (landed it second try) and when i landed my feet had shifted to my toes holding onto the pedals and both legs shot out like a super man and i landed my balls on an aggressive dirt tire. My balls had a rubber burn (not the first time that happened ;D ) but honestly if i hit my nuts nothing hurts as bad as that one did. haha


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7/19/2013 6:38 PM

andyferly wrote:

When Sean Burns suffers a panda somewhere in China dies.



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7/19/2013 8:27 PM

He looks like the illegitimate son of Jack White and Glenn Close lol