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5/4/2016 2:24 PM

So I need to buy some new bearings for my friends RotatoR Driver, which are 6802-LLB Enduro Bearings (Coming out of a RotatoR v1 Coaster)

His driver bearings were not in the best condition to start then I practically sent them to their place on Death Row Bearing Edition. Anyway, I did some research on different sites, Danscomp (Bearings and Driver) as well as google searches leading to Amazon, and then one site that seems okay enough, it's called BikeHubStore . Com

I found some 6802-LLB Enduro's and the cost wasn't much, nor the shipping either, under $4 for shipping on USPS First Class Mail, everything came out to $15.45 all together shipped. They are located in North Carolina and it's a small business as mentioned on the site.

Either way just felt like posting something on here about it, I'll be checking Albes, Empire, and whoever else I can think of too.


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5/4/2016 2:53 PM

Bearings can usually be found pretty cheap. I got driver and hub bearings for my mini off ebay for less than £10 Inc postage. The hub bearings were a tiny bit too narrow but would've been fine if I had a hub spacer that usually comes with the hub, so I didn't use them. But the driver bearings were spot on


5/4/2016 5:49 PM

Good to know other good sources of small parts.


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