Shadow Ankle Brace-- pretty good!

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8/9/2017 11:14 AM

I've ridden with so many ankle braces in my lifetime. I wanted to write a quick summary of my thoughts on the Shadow Revive ankle brace.

The revive provides an elastic tension around the ankle that allows good range of motion while still guarding nicely against sprains as well. It's comfy. It will not lock your ankle down like most lace-up braces (e.g. the ASO lace-up and the 'Space Brace' which are heavy duty braces and can be uncomfortable after an hour or so). From my month's experience with it, it's a functional middle-of-the road ankle brace. How surprising from a bike parts company!

That being said, you've got to tighten it properly: Don't pull the support straps taught around the underside of your foot while tightening the first part of the figure 8. Instead, the first half of the figure 8 should be flush against the skin but not tight. THEN the second and top half of the figure 8 which goes around the back of your ankle should be secured with strong tension. Wrapping the underfoot too tightly causes horrible cramping.

It's like 25 bucks and I really dig it. PS I have no ulterior motives for writing this review. I'm just a dude who likes it.

Now go ride that bike!