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10/5/2015 5:36 PM

There's a local shop I go to for almost anything bike related , and they're really , really good. I like the staff a lot and I get discounts and a bunch of deals or service first , but I'm in a little situation

I blew my bearings on my old hub so I got them to fix it but the hub itself shit out and the bearings and maintence was useless because the hub sucks , so they helped out and got me a Éclat Kolibri hub , for a whole sale price of 60$ - they made no profit .

I bought my own rim , and they got spokes and nipples and built it up , so all in all the hub , nipples , spokes , and the build were about 120$ or something close

It was a LHD hub and I ride RHD

I clearly stated I need a RHD to the guy who ordered it ( not the owner ) and I mean they should know as my bike is in there all the time but I went to leave the shop today after getting a chain on and it's a LHD , it pedals forward going forward and stays going back ...

Now I'm gonna phone the owner and see but I don't want to make a scene , buttt it's my money so I want to make sure I get it's worth .

I thought about asking for a refund for the hub as well as the spokes and maintence because if I wanted a RHD hub they'd have to replace it and I was told spokes aren't as strong when you re lace them . Since it's my rim , They'd have to take everything back :/ I thought about asking to see if they can buy this wheel and build me up another one , so it's like a trade for a trade and they can sell "mine" and they can wholesale order new parts and build it up without me paying and then we're both happy . I don't really want to run it LHD because I grind on that side , and I hate right side grinds , but it would be easier and I can learn , but then it'll switch my set up and style and I don't want to do that for something that wasn't my fault

Pretty bummed because I had plans and my friends are choked and I don't want to make my shop feel bad but I want something that I originally wanted ...

I'll phone them now


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10/5/2015 7:44 PM

Shit happens some times.

If they're a good shop I'm sure they will order you the proper hub.

You are fine to reuse the spokes and rim, so offer to take it apart for them to make the rebuild easier.

The thing about reusing spokes has more to do with reusing spokes that have been ridden for a while.


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10/5/2015 11:23 PM

Yah. Today wasn't my day :/

They basically gave me 2 options . Run it LHD or they can try to mod it to RHD .

They're good to me so I might blow it off and ride it or even sell it and try to make a profit and then order something myself sad

I'm kinda bummed though because it's a lot of money for me that I don't really have to waste so it just might come down if I like it or not. I guess I can learn switch grinds ? Fuck .


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10/6/2015 5:50 AM

Brayden_Buckingham wrote:

Yah. Today wasn't my day :/

They basically gave me 2 options . Run it LHD or they can try to mod it to RHD .

They're good ...more

How the heck would they mod it to rsd?? Could just sell the hub here and see if they can get another, same price for rsd. The wheel is new, you can reuse the spokes without any worries. they havent been put through anything besides the tension of lacing...youll be good.



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10/6/2015 5:54 AM

Honestly THEY made the mistake. Did you install the wheel or did they put it on your bike? If they did, they should KNOW it was on wrong because they should be TEST RIDING EVERY REPAIR, especially wheel builds to stress and bed in the spokes, so they can then retension.


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10/6/2015 7:28 AM

First off I'd like to give you a lot of credit for not instantly being a prick about it and freaking out. Mistakes do happen and some people just don't understand or realize this. Good for you for just looking for a good solution for all involved.

On the other side they probably should just fix the issue. If you can't come up with a decent way to fix the issue send me an email to and maybe we can take that wheel in on trade and give you credit towards what you need. Since we've been doing the "USED CRAP" page on the Albe's site I've found I've been able to help a lot of people out in odd situations like this.