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5/24/2013 3:01 PM

So I've earned myself some disposable income for this summer and aim to spend it well
United dinero forks
Mothership bars
Subrosa bottom bracket
Shadow sprocket
Would you change anything


5/24/2013 3:03 PM

id change the shadow sprocket, ive fucked up like 2 or them and I don't even grind

you should try a tree or odyssey sprocket, other then that everything is goood


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5/24/2013 3:10 PM

I would get a tree but I've heard they don't fit the thunderbolts, in hindsight ill most likely get the Burlington.


5/24/2013 3:38 PM

Just find the cheapest bb they are all the same in the right sizings


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5/24/2013 4:16 PM

Odyssey million dollar sprocked. And odyssey sandbars.


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5/24/2013 4:35 PM

Def a odyssey sprocket instead of shadow.


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