Should BMX be inthe Olympics

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8/3/2008 12:59 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/14/2016 4:55 PM

My thoughts are that the added attention and the money are probably overall a good thing, but there are some definite evils involved. Talked with Chris Doyle about it. Skater Bob Burnquist too.


8/3/2008 1:41 PM

They should either add street and vert or just scrap the idea altogether and leave extreme sports for real fans. Who wants to sit through synchronized swimming coverage just to make it to BMX anyway? I get that there would be more exposure, but it would be a bunch more wannabe fans who only know DAve Mirra's name anyway.

Bob Costas sucks.


8/3/2008 3:06 PM

I think that it would help. It helps regular people see that we more than just grown men riding bikes, and it really helps when the mayer's son wants to ride at the skatepark that is just for boards. the publicity has it's negative effects I agree but the exposure would be more benificial.


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8/3/2008 3:45 PM

Bottom line is that it won't make a big difference in race attendance and hopefully it will die the death it deserves to.


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8/3/2008 4:14 PM

damnit fuck obama
better not get his ass for president lol
i dont like watching raceing so i dont care for it much either i dont care if its in the Olympics
if park was then that would be sick but most likely either America or AUS is ganna win so dont think park will ever get in the Olympics so i dont even care


8/4/2008 4:13 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/14/2016 4:56 PM

bmx park,dirt and vert
why not?
fuck sake they do jumps on horses and get gold medals
i bet the average person would rather watch backflips and frontflips on a bmx then a horse jumping over a log or something?

and it could maybe be a team sport

because maybe a rider to represent each country in a certain discilpine
eg. australia dirt. cam white. park. ryan guetter. vert. steve mccann
america. dirt. ryan nyquist. park. scotty cranmer. vert. austin coleman

or like swimming. could a team of racers.dirt riders park riders and vert riders in one team and each rider can compete in any chosen event and as many as they wish to contest
that way is would be the best of the best competing in similar events and even non bmx fans are sure to be imopressed by double backflips, quad whips frontie no handers and 1080's and it is just going to give bmx more respect outside of the bmx scene

but i think most people will agree that maybe bmx in the olympics will defeat the meaning of bmx? FUN the only reason to ride


8/4/2008 4:21 AM

yer i dont think it should be an olympic sport as much as id like to watch it it just wouldnt fit in right but yer they could have the bmx pig game crankin in the olympics


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8/4/2008 7:03 AM

ha ha ha def


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8/4/2008 7:37 AM

it doesnt need to be a team sport look at snowboarding skiing or anything like tht i think it will be good that its in there but i think they should add vert just for the fact tht its easiest to understand for a person who doesnt bmx so theyll no wats goin on



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8/4/2008 8:34 AM

its racing... just to make sure everyone knew... i think its a good idea... its gonna become mainstream... everybody will want to do it... its going to premote our sport... its a fucking awesome idea


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