Should I Change my Frame

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10/28/2016 3:38 AM

I have a WTP Trust 2016 Frame with Salt Plus EX Forks, 28mm offset

The frame is full 4130 Chromo, tapered CS and SS, invest cast dropouts with integrated chain tensioner

Geo is

TT 21
CS 13.4 (centered ?)
HT 75
ST 70
BB 11.75"
SO 9

I have come across a great deal on a Total Sandstorm and Total Hangover forks.

The Sandstorm is 4130 Sanko Tubing with the following geo

TT 21
CS 13.3 centered, 13 slammed
HT 75
ST 71
BB 11.65
SO 8.2

Aside from the standover height, the difference looks fairly small.

I do ride mostly park, just wondering is the Sandstorm much of an upgrade ? Will it be noticeably better ? Would you upgrade if you had the option ?


10/28/2016 5:34 AM

I probably wouldn't unless you pick up some frame damage and need a new one. Those changes are pretty minimal.


10/28/2016 5:47 AM

I would keep the wtp frame 100 percent. the wtp is much better and even has integrated chain tensioners.
wtp makes great stuff, my bike is a wtp haha and i stand by it.


10/28/2016 7:45 AM

Oh man.

Jeez, another good ol' frame going out the door just because there's another one that's cheap.

To reply to your question, no, I don't think it's worth shovin the money out for a nearly identical frame. The standover height doest NOT make a difference in handling of the bike. The most noticeable ones are Chain stay length, headtube, and HT angle.

Keep the WTP Trust. It's a good frame. It can take you far. Real far. Don't let it down. It hasnt lived it's life to it's full potential.

Besides, are you even sure you're gonna like the Sandstorm frame? You know you won't get the same WTP feel about it? WTP rocks and they make the best bikes. Total is... Well... How to say this... Inferior to WTP's experience, dedication and commitment to making bikes that rock.

Shred that WTP. It Trusts you to push it's limits. That's why it's called like that.


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10/28/2016 9:32 AM

You might be able get a half link out of your chain, but a higher bb is more responsive anyway. A lower standover just gives more clearance of the toptube but makes no difference to how it handles.


10/28/2016 10:00 AM

...or just send the Trust to me wink that bike is still #2 on my list of the bikes I want....but I think the Trust is better than the Total for sure...and I don't think the Totals are bad, but the Trust is better


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10/28/2016 5:53 PM

Standover actually does factor in the handling, especially if you have a short seat post, your seat WILL be lower, and if you ever touch it even with your legs for barspins, or leverage when in the air for style points, you WILL notice.

I'd keep what you have.


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10/28/2016 6:11 PM

I have an almost full WTP / Eclat bike and I'd ride that Trust frame with confidence . They make easily the best parts out in my opinion.


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10/30/2016 12:51 PM

Thanks for the opinions guys.

Yeah the changes are pretty minimal. Was just tempted to change out of curiosity really seems as I could have gotten the frame and forks pretty cheap.

Maybe I'll just stick with what I have so


10/31/2016 12:39 AM

I'd get the total if you have the money and want it. I had a total frame for a while and it rode nice. Light and all that. It'd be a upgrade and it will ride a lot different.


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