Should I buy and is it worth buying.

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6/29/2017 7:26 PM

Hi I'm looking to get into bmx but I need help on identifying this bike here is what the guy posted. Haro Gt frame, fit 9.5 bars, mission grips, demolition stealth stem, cult pegs, profile blade 25t sprocket to be put on, fit rear tire. Photo



6/29/2017 7:45 PM

Looks decent imo


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6/29/2017 8:49 PM

Ehh, it's alright. How much is he asking


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6/29/2017 8:54 PM

He told me to make an offer. But how could it be a haro and a gt frame they are two different brands.


6/29/2017 10:34 PM

WaltGaryson12 wrote:

He told me to make an offer. But how could it be a haro and a gt frame they are two different brands.

I was going to say that. Ask for more pics with close ups of any logo's stamped on the frame, and any logo's on any of the other parts


6/30/2017 12:12 AM

300 CAD tops

For you Americans maybe 235 is a good deal


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6/30/2017 3:20 AM

There are a few red flags with this bike. First, Haro and GT are 2 completely different companies. Second, the frame is either old or from a low end complete. It's an American bottom bracket, has dimples on the chainstays to clear dinner plate sprockets, and has a standard unsealed headset that they painted the bearing cups on to make it look integrated. Personally I would avoid.


6/30/2017 3:52 AM

whether its worth buying depends on the price TBH, if its 50 bucks and you don't have a BMX and are looking to get started on a beater bike then have at it, if its more than that i would start looking at bikes that haven't been "customised" to the point of not being able to tell WTF it is.

a cheap bike is better than no bike, but i dare say that depends on what your spending budgetand skill level is, I bought a "cheap" 2nd hand bike and can still have as much fun on it as a £1000 custom, its not limiting me due to a fairly low skill level, when i start breaking things then i may consider paying more and upgrading, but till then I'll Ride the £40 WTP Crysis i have into the ground.


6/30/2017 10:47 AM

It's an older frame with somewhat decent aftermarket bits. If he asks for over $200 even after you offer, I'd pass.


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6/30/2017 7:27 PM

I'd offer $100 and stand firm. He will take it.