Should i get bigger bars

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4/19/2016 8:54 AM

Hi im thinking about getting new bars im riding a 7.75 with topload stem sunday frezee should i get bigger bars im thinking about getting 9 rires and up or should i save my money and just buy spacers and if so would it have the same effect as riding with bigger bars rise. The bars i want are listed below now i also check ables they have wtp streling on sale that if albes going to have them in stock by the time i get paid next week.

Fiction troops 34.99 dans
Mission Command 29.99 dans
Verde regent 34.99 dans
United superme 39.99 dans
wtp streling albes 39.99


4/19/2016 9:20 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/19/2016 9:23 AM

Spacers possibly will work, but it won't be super effective and only weaken your front end in terms on non-flex due to the longer distance between the frame headtube and the stem. But what's your reasoning behind wanting bigger bars?


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4/19/2016 9:59 AM

You'll only be able to fit a certain amount of spacers under your stem depending on the length of your steerer. If your stem is already at the top of your steerer, you won't be able to fit anymore under it.

I'd suggest some 8.25 or 8.5 instead of properly big bars as the difference in height will be so huge. It'll feel completely different. Some people like big bars, some don't but it's best to stick with what you know. If your bars feel too low then by all means go up a bit, but bigger bars won't automatically make you ride better.

I'm 6' tall and ride 9" bars with an upside-down topload. I flipped my stem upside-down because it felt far too high for how I like it. I currently have 0 stack and it feels good to me.

It's all about personal preference, if you get big bars you might hate them, so I'd suggest borrowing some, or riding someone else's bike for a bit to see if you like them. But remember it'll take a lot longer than a 30min ride to know if you like something or not. I tried to get used to my bars with the stem the right way up for about 6 months, then when I flipped the stem it felt instantly better for me and I haven't considered going higher at all since (although I'm tempted to get lower bars and a front load, which would be the exact same height)


4/19/2016 11:11 AM

Get smaller bars 7.75 is to big for you


4/19/2016 6:13 PM

Yeah but not too big. 8-8.5 would be fine.


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4/20/2016 2:50 AM

Get 9" bars , in my opinion you don't notice much unless it's more than what you think you want. So if you ride 7.75 and want bigger bars and people say 8.5 is good I's say get 9's . Then you can really tell what you want and if it's too tak which it probably won't , you can flip your stem over and get it down about 8.75 or something . I was gonna get 9.5 bars but instead got 10" and I was happy , they were awesome and bigger is better because you can always slam your headset or flip the stem as mentioned . It's better to have more than you need because if it's too small and you want it higher you'll need new bars if you've maxed out the spacers already . Also , I ran 10" bars and a frontload to 9.5 and a topload , and I noticed the topload stem felt way taller , so keep that in mind . If you plan on switching stems in the future , you need to kinda experiment and see how tall you like things .


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4/20/2016 5:54 AM

So out of those I choose which one do you recommend what about 9.25 or just 9.


4/20/2016 6:05 AM

With 8.5 you'll notice a massive difference against your current bars. Any higher than that and my guess is you'd hate it. Yeah you can flip your stem, but then it might be too low as the Sunday stem has a fair bit of rise. Plus the Sunday stem looks hideous upside-down.

You might love bigger bars. It's personal preference. So you should get what you think you'd like. But bars aren't cheap. The only benefit I see from you getting big bars is everyone wants them so if you don't like them you could trade easier.

How tall are you? What do you ride mostly?