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mantaymark mantaymark
11/18/2014 7:38 PM

So my seat is slammed, it's already the highest, and I don't have any $$$!! Is that gonna be a problem?? I might get one for Christmas! Just wondering if barspins are gonna be hard with a slammed seat! Also what are you guys opinions on slammed seats?

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bmxsteve99 bmxsteve99
11/18/2014 7:46 PM

fist+ of post

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biggybuggy biggybuggy
11/18/2014 8:03 PM

Unless you're doing constant whips or you have the most gigantic ass standover of all time, It's pointless. Fat seat + a fist of seatpost FTW.

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MaximusBikes MaximusBikes
11/18/2014 8:15 PM

I think to learn them it helps to have it higher.

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tomdon tomdon
11/18/2014 9:13 PM

i run 3 fingers of post but i have huge ogre hands so basically a fist for normal people

I'm on the vital legit list!

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mantaymark mantaymark
11/18/2014 10:00 PM
tomdon wrote:

i run 3 fingers of post ...more

Must be some HUGE fingers huh?!?!?!!!!

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one try kid one try kid
11/18/2014 10:29 PM

I guess high fat seats are trendy now?

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sundaybmxRR sundaybmxRR
11/18/2014 10:34 PM
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Mychaylo Mychaylo
11/19/2014 1:25 AM

I only forgive you for the GLH in the back.

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-Havok- -Havok-
11/19/2014 3:51 AM
MaximusBikes wrote:

I think to learn them it ...more

True. I still run mine slammed, but I do raise it a bit when doing barspins. My post is only about 3" tho(cut by previous owner), so it doesn't make much difference. I also don't do bars 99% of the time and I still get hit in the ass by my seat pretty often even when it is slammed, so I don't really feel comfortable if it isn't. Lol. Sucks for sitting down and pedaling tho that's for sure. Everyone will say slammed seats are just a trend, but honestly who cares. Ride your bike however it feels comfortable to you regardless of people's opinions. When being un-trendy is the new trend, it's time to stop listening and start making your own decisions. Haha

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a Swedish Lie a Swedish Lie
11/19/2014 2:50 PM

I remember before there were hardly any pivitol seats and all we had were railed seats. Kids would chop their seatpost (above tt) down to the top tube take the guts out of the railed seats and zip tie their seats to their top tube. Haha a little extreme but back then I thought they were a genius.

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