Snafu Mobeus rotor review

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4/19/2013 2:07 PM

So I have been running this snafu detangler mobeus on my odyssey setup on my other trials bmx for the past 4 months (although i ride brakeless). Overall it is amazing, its light, easy to maintain and fairly cheap comparing it to other gyros. The teflon bushing can be bought for £4 (with the postage) which is cheap. The only bad thing i can think is that you have to lube it up as when it isnt lubed up your bars dont spin as fast. If u are looking for a new detangler go for the Snafu Mobeus


-Fairly cheap
-Easy maintenance
-Replaceable bushing and the safety u ring
-One of the lightest detanglers you can buy (personally i dont care about the weight)


-Have to be maintained quite often