Sold my bike a little over a year ago. Trying to find the kid who has it now.

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6/26/2017 3:56 AM
Edited Date/Time: 6/26/2017 3:56 AM

I'm just curious to see where that bike went off to. It cost me blood sweat and tears (literally) and i just want to see whats been changed if at all. I know everybody here has some sort of connection to someone. I never bothered to ask for the kids name or anything but He's from somewhere in southern California. (or at least was) Photo I'm not asking for a miracle but i know these colors aren't exactly common. Thats what she looked like a few months before I sold her. (This would have gone in the "california" forum but that one is rather dead. Here Is the old Bike Check/ Parts List Who knows. Maybe i'll get back into bikes in a few years after the Navy.

Edit: Im sorry to whoever the mods are now if this is breaking some new rule. It's been a while.


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I now have a more or less stock sunday scout with a complete Demo rear wheel. Sue me

6/26/2017 4:24 AM

Did you see the "pink Sunday frame" post right below yours? That's all I can do to help. I knew someone else was asking about a pink Sunday recently.