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10/2/2015 10:59 PM

I used to love having solo sessions on my bike, whether it's at a spot, park, or even a inclined driveway... BUT I got so used to riding with friends that I kind of lost touch with a fairly big (in my opinion) key point in BMX riding... The Solo Session

It's not that I cannot have a session by myself, it's just that I get bored and lonely really fast, I feel really stupid asking this but do you guys got any tips for having a session by yourself?'

I understand that having music to listen to surely does help, but I think that only really helps mentally, like, if you were listening to a song you liked that was in a video part or something, that got you hyped to go out an ride.

Anything else though? I really do not want a shit weekend....


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10/2/2015 11:36 PM

Make a list of shit you are gonna work on.
It can be leArning new tricks, re leArning Old ones, or dialing those ones that always seem to TaKe a few tries.

I am way more productive And have more fun when i Set little goals for solo rides. It can be something as simple as working on that long manual line, or as technical as you want.

Tomorrow I am gonna get off work at 800 am and go eat and ride solo until noon. I am gonna work on feeble to tires to smith on this little round rail at the park until My friends wake up. Also I set a mini goal to work on vaders if I get too pissed at the rail.

I dunno little shit like that keeps me so stoked to progress on my own. Otherwise i do have a hard time riding alone.


10/3/2015 12:21 AM

I have a ridiculous amount of fun hopping the highest stuff i can


10/3/2015 5:31 AM

Two or three from me.

One-Mentioned by you: music. Any music will do, it just has got to pump you up even when you are tired as a log.

Two- Again, already mentioned: make a list of tricks you want to do before you go out of your house. This does motivate but do not make it too long.

Three- Always be on the move. If you can't do a trick in one spot, move to another trick or another place and come back at a later time. You don't want to be burned out by trying 100 times and never hitting it...

Four- Take frequent pauses and never let yourself get angry.


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10/3/2015 6:58 AM

I don't try the same trick 480000000 times, I try different lines. I know I can manual. I know I can feeble. I know I can 180. Why not try to link them?

Try changing your bike setup a bit.

I don't do my bigger/scarier/could easily get wrecked stuff when riding solo. I do smaller things and have fun with them. When I get bored I change it up to something completely different, IE go from front wheel tricks to grinds, to back wheel moves, to air moves.


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10/4/2015 5:35 AM

I reserve the big, scary, shit-your-pants moves or tricks for when I ride with my buddies (no BMX, just parkour guys) and my best friend (my helmet and my pads).

One thing I forgot:

Try old, vintage tricks, like something that has passed out of popularity. It sometimes spices the stuff up...


It doesn't matter where a train goes. It's decidin' to get on that does.

10/4/2015 9:42 AM

Riding solo really isn't fun unless you have a lot of spots within a small proxomity. I'm ok with mobbing 3 or 4 (or more) miles to a good ledge spot with people but I won't do it solo. Plus I have way more fun filming than riding so my progression as a rider isn't as important to me. I do recommend making a notes page in your phone with tricks on spots you want to try. also watch some sort of different riding edits (go watch the dwok promo now if you haven't) and trick ideas will flow.


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10/4/2015 10:30 AM

I don't really follow, or look at it often, but I try to remember a list of tricks i want to learn or at least try that iv written down on my phone....I don't have friends that ride bmx so I'm always solo and i ride Saturday, Sunday and Monday every week when i don't work....I notice that when i ride by myself, i enjoy my rides when there are other bikers around to watch and take notes of there style and tricks that they do and i try them, kinda like a game of bike where u have to do tricks that u havnt thought of before


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10/5/2015 7:40 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/5/2015 7:41 AM

SteezOnLock wrote:

I don't really follow, or look at it often, but I try to remember a list of tricks i want to learn or at least try that iv ...more

One thing that bugs the hell out of me is if I am working on something and I know a dude who can do it, and they just go and stomp it right when I am trying, on the same thing, and we aren't trying together (if that makes sense).

Now if we are having a friendly "contest" to see who gets it first, that's fine. But the one up game without it being warranted just pisses me off.


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10/5/2015 8:32 AM

I never ride solo , I don't like riding unless I'm riding as hard as I can and doing things that scare me, good to have someone their if you get knocked out or break a bone


10/5/2015 3:40 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/5/2015 3:42 PM

been riding solo for 2 years now...
and i have no plans to ride at the park or find friends


10/14/2015 7:24 AM

I feel ya. But with me, I can almost never do anything. Like I dont have the energy or something, but the opposite when im around others. It blows


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10/14/2015 1:53 PM

I ride by myself all the time. Mostly because the bmx scene where I live is dead and a lot of people stopped riding and started gay ass school sports. What I do a lot is just try new or scary tricks more often by self, there is less pressure. Of course it's nice to have a friend there to cheer you on but, most tricks I have today I learned by myself. Getting a tripod is a great investment because you can film yourself trying tricks, see if you are getting closer or what you are doing wrong. Also just having the feedom to film what ever you want whether what you are doing is cool or not, and if you are trying something scary you can film it so nobody can say "no way you did that" with a tripod you can say " well here is the clip bitch". Another benefit to riding by your self if there are any parks or street spots that you like but no one else will go to, you can go there as long as you want. Another thing I've noticed while riding alone us that I don't get pissed as easily. Plus if ride alone a lot and learn some new stuff or get better at a trick, next time you ride with someone you can show them the new shit you learned. Just keep your self busy when riding alone the longer you sit down or take a break, the more you relize how dog shit riding alone is.