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6/11/2014 4:21 PM

I am on a facebook group called We Bmx on Youtube, and someone asked for crank and street tire recommendations, I feel like I could have been a little better with my reply/comment, this is what I said/typed... he also asked about coasters too.

"There is a HUGE amount of variety and variation that goes into choosing choosing parts nowadays. If you want a set of cranks that will hold up for street too, Eclat's are TANKS, Fit Indent 24's from, what I heard, Stolen Team's as well, also Odyssey Cranks seem nice, the New Primo Pro Cranks too which are not like the hollowbites/powerbites.

Tires, I would say, if you like a bit more speed, might want to throw combos with less "lag" then you might look into a slick style tire like the Fit T/A, Odyssey Hawk, and some others, if you tend to carve more and want more grip and still want speed but with decent control, go with a mid tread, slick is usually a very smooth tread with grooves cut and not as much of raised lugs that give good depth to the tire to add grab, some good mid tread tires can be Duo Stunner Tires, Fly Ruben Rampera Tires, Eclat Ridgestone, Primo WLT Tires, BSD Donnasqueak Tires, Odyssey Aitken Tires, etc..... BUT if you do heavier riding that requires great amount of carve, high level of grip, and you worry about sticking landings more than keeping up speed, go with a more dirt oriented tire, Subrosa Grave Digger Tires, Demolition Machete Tires, United Indirect Tires, Sunday Current Tires, and others.

Jordon Schafer As to your comment about coasters, the Federal Coasters and Cult Coasters I believe have an extra bearing called a "thrust bearing" which helps withstand the loads put on in the kind of riding you see with coasters nowadays

I hope this helps somewhat, happy shopping!"

So I kind of think I could have been more helpful I guess, but oh well, I might have done okay....

As for the spoke thing, I know this sounds super trendy, but I feel like Rainbow TI Spokes can look decent on certain style bikes here and there, but why not do a Rainbow style colorway similar to the one on TI spokes, but for 14g Steel Spokes and some others.... I do not really care too much to see that happen but just felt like putting that out there.


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6/11/2014 6:46 PM

You post the stupidest threads. Nobody cares what you said on Facebook.


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6/11/2014 6:54 PM


but that We bmx On YouTube page is pretty fuckin gay, someone added me to it a few weeks ago & my newsfeed was instantly flooded with 4 thousand "Rate my ride?!?????????????????????????(((((((((((((((((:" posts & "What would you change about my bike????????????????" so I left it right away.


6/11/2014 7:19 PM

sundaybmxRR wrote:


but that We bmx On YouTube page is pretty fuckin gay, someone added me to it a few weeks ago & my newsfeed was ...more

Makes me glad I'm not part of it


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6/11/2014 8:21 PM

HardBMX_Tim wrote:

You post the stupidest threads. Nobody cares what you said on Facebook.

Not trying to be mean, but pretty much what he said ^


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6/11/2014 10:23 PM

Get bamboo spokes


6/12/2014 2:12 AM

the coaster bit is wrong I THINK. kinda. The thrust bearing they have is to reduce the pedal drag and is located behind the clutch, the main thing with the cult is the TAPERED NEEDLE bearing. thats the one that nothing else on the market (currently) has that helps a huge amount with side loads, as those bearings are designed to take side pressure and normal pressure (dont know what to call it :L)


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