Something missing off my crank?

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8/14/2018 3:53 PM

Been riding for about 3 years but recently taking it more seriously and decided to dismantle my bike and give it a clean and in the process forgot how my crank arm works. on most it has a crank bolt but mine does not it sort of looks like these cranks Which on the crank have a little bit of metal poking out im running a 2016 fit prospect and wondering does something screw on to this to tighten the sprocket ? or is the sprocket supposed to rock a little ? thanks for the help.


8/14/2018 4:25 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/14/2018 4:27 PM

Nothing screws onto it.The sprocket shouldn't wobble when it's tightly sandwiched between the bottom bracket and the crank arm. On first crank after reassembly, the welded nub will move to the leading side of the sprocket hole and won't move back again.