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2/10/2011 9:40 PM

well not really pissed me off i thought it was pretty cool the footage was at least but anyways before i keep rambling i was watchin tv this evening and some show called bones came on, and its a full episode based on the investigation of a bmx kid that was murdered so obviously the show is gonna be interviewing a bunch of bmxers, and they bsasically made the bmx community, look terrible, they bassically portrayed all of us to be stupid stoner kids that pretty much go no where in life and are operating with stuff like drug dealers and stuff,

now im not saying that were all perfect at all, aint nothin wrong with smokin weed and riding your bike. what bugged me about this whole show was that we were completely portrayed as low lifes, like the kind of kids every parent doesnt want there kid hanging around.

but my point is that who ever wrote the script obviously knows nothing about riders, and with something like a tv show like this i personally dont think its good because its bassically giving people that think were little punks to believe it more and for people that know nothing about us to get an entirely wrong impression.

if you guys get a chance check it out look it up, but i posted this to get some feed back from you guys


2/10/2011 9:43 PM

can ya post a link?... if its even on the internet yet


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2/10/2011 9:44 PM

sketchytravis wrote:

can ya post a link?... if its even on the internet yet

^i dont like bones that much, but i want to see that episode


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2/10/2011 9:48 PM

It will be available on Hulu tomorrow I think. I don't get why people get angered about stuff like this. Who cares what people think? As an individual, your community should know you, and if you are a "non-stereotype" then you will be treated well. Ride your bike and don't give a fuck


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2/10/2011 9:57 PM

fuck the script writer. they needa pick up a bike and be in the bmx environment as a biker before ate on us.


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2/10/2011 10:34 PM

im not a sterotypical kid at all, im not judgemental at all, my point was we try and get things going for us as riders across the worldd like new parks and stuff for us to go and ride and its stuff like this that makes rider "frowned upon"

i dont know about where you guys live but in socal the kids that ride are usually the nicest kids at the skatepark and cause the least trouble, thats why i was upset because our society doesnt encourage kids to be active and llook how they made the kids that are active and doing something constructive with there life look? infact i got in a huge debate with a park ranger 2 days ago about this when he caught us digging att our trails, and i told him your coming down here hasseling us when theres kids roaming around this canyon smokin weed drinking and are up to no good blah blah you get the point

and i dont like bones either it just popeed up on TV and i was like bikes what da fuhh?