Sourcing Kenda 18" red tyres in the UK

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7/14/2016 11:39 AM


I bought a Haro Downtown 18" for my son for his birthday. One of the tyres is faulty, there's a tear in the sidewall. I called the dealer for a replacement and he said he can't get me one as you can only get the red tyres (Kenda Kontact K841 18x2.25) with a bike, you can't buy them separately. My son really wants the black bike/red tyre look so I thought I'd have a look myself as he'll need a new tyre or two eventually anyway but I literally can't find one anywhere in the UK. I know I could return the bike to the dealer and get the same bike from somewhere else but if I did that I'd still need to replace the tyres sooner or later.

Does anyone know where I can get one please, I feel bad for my son as he's got a shiny new BMX that he's not been able to ride it.

Thanks very much in advance.


7/14/2016 11:47 AM

They don't exist I'm afraid. Your best bet would be to contact the haro distributor moore and large, they might have a spare one from a bike they've had to strip. But that's about your only chance


7/14/2016 11:48 AM


There's a brand named "Duro" that makes an 18" tire in red of a 1.95" size.

The shade doesn't exactly match the Kenda, but if you can't find any Kontact tires, maybe this is the next best?


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