Sprocket Alignment Trouble

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2/8/2015 12:00 AM

So ever since I started running LHD with my two-piece cranks (fixed on RHD side), my sprocket will never line up 100% no matter what I try. I've tried leaving the sprocket bolt loose, then tightening the crank arm down first, then the sprocket which the crank arm should've completely straighted the sprocket out. Then after I couldn't get that to work, I tightening a bit of the sprocket on the arm, then tightened my crank arm down, which was even worse. Apart from that, there's no other way to work around it. This started happening on my three-piece cranks as well, just not as bad. And my sprocket is definitely unaligned each time because if you can't take off a crank arm with the sprocket on it, that's usually a bad sign of alignment, especially if you usually slide your crank arm on and off normally all the time. If anyone can give me tips and whatnot, that's great. And I do have a spline drive, but I'm gonna be switching to a guard sprocket soon.


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