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3/30/2016 12:59 PM

Hey, I decided to get into BMX. Now I need to get a bike first. Found one I really like on SourceBMX What do you think? (feel free to suggest other bikes, if this one ain't good or something,). I want to ride street mostly, because there aren't any parks where I live except one, which sucks. I've been riding MTB for a long time now and want to try something new beside that. I can do some tricks like wheelie, manual and bunnyhop which will help a little I guess. Oh, and I'm 19 years old and 6"0.


3/30/2016 2:42 PM

That's a great bike


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3/30/2016 3:22 PM

get it, since its the top of the line from Verde you shouldnt have any issues with it.


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3/30/2016 3:32 PM

That's really good value for money. And the source are good guys


3/30/2016 3:49 PM

What they all said plus tony neyer is a beast


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3/30/2016 10:53 PM

Thx for help guys, I'll get it.