Steeper Headtube angle but longer fork offset

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10/7/2016 3:16 AM

Hi guys!

My current setup involves a 21.2 TT, 75 degrees HT angle, 11.8" BB and a fork that has 25mm offset (and I use all of it).
And I ride only street.

But, I'm upgrading my bike, with a WTP Buck 21.3 TT frame and a Federal Liquid V2 fork.
Now, the Buck has a 75.5 HT angle which sounds too steep for me.
But then again, never tried a 75.5 setup, so I might be wrong.

My question is, will the added offset cancel the 0.5 degrees in the headtube, and the bike will feel just like my current setup?


10/7/2016 6:36 AM

I didn't notice going from 74.5 to 75.5 really so you'll probably be good. If it feels too steep, angle your bars back a touch (I find bar angle has a much greater impact on the feel of the headangle than the headangle itself).


10/7/2016 8:04 AM

I noticed from 74.5 to 75.5 but I was comfortable in like a session.


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10/8/2016 3:50 AM

I see :D

So 0.5 shouldn't make that much of a difference, and even if it does, you can easily readjust, therefore I can get the frame without any worries :D

Many thanks guys!


10/8/2016 7:16 AM

I was running a 75.5 for awhile and threw on some 26mm forks which I thought would be too much but it honestly felt really good. I would definitely recommend trying the setup. if anything, to find out what you're comfortable with. For me 75.5 feels a little nervous when landing high speeds on ramps but in street it felt great.