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11/14/2013 2:55 PM

Front-Load, Top-Load, or Bottom-Load... What type of stem/neck do you prefer and why?

For the longest time I rode nothing but front-load stems, now I've recently made the switch to a top load stem and am still getting used to it.

What is your guys' stem-style of choice and why?


11/14/2013 2:56 PM

i like front load , , top load feels a little sluggish and harder to carve with me


11/14/2013 2:58 PM

chad88 wrote:

i like front load , , top load feels a little sluggish and harder to carve with me

Not going to lie, I've kinda noticed that since making the switch.


11/14/2013 3:01 PM

Stems are something I tend to switch up a bit, but the one thing that I will not ride is a really long stem.
I've ridden stems as short as 45mm and as long as 53mm, and I would say I'm pretty happy around 48mm.

I'm currently rocking a pretty tall top load with 48mm reach.


11/14/2013 3:09 PM

I definitely notice sluggishness increases as reach increases. I have never liked or ridden front load stems for very long. I just prefer taller stems.


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11/14/2013 3:44 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/14/2013 3:45 PM

Odyssey elementary. My favorite stem, its kinda annoying when you first get it to install and a bitch to tighten but i wont run any other stem now, it looks cool too. sometimes i hate it mostly due to installing but overall its rad. only down side is you cant run a lot of spacers if youre into that massive bar cruiser style shit.


11/14/2013 3:47 PM

top load for me


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11/14/2013 3:52 PM

Challenger now, Credence when I get my new build.


11/14/2013 4:09 PM

Front load... with the bars i have now (bennys) i dont like the extra rise of a top load but if i had smaller bars i would probably get a top load again


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11/14/2013 4:09 PM

Frontload for the win.

Never getting rid of my animal jump off remix, nice short reach, its just more responsive, I like all aspects of my geometry to feel that way.

Front loads look cleaner too


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11/14/2013 4:58 PM

I like frontload. idk why, i just do


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11/14/2013 5:06 PM

As for looks i definitely think a classic front load like the animal MR looks better than a top load but the higher rise on a top load just feels more comfortable to me. I run a challenger and it's pretty much perfect.


11/14/2013 5:34 PM

Rode an S&M Redneck for over a year and was very happy with it.
Just decided I wanted some more rise so got a Fit Sky Top with a 55mm reach, got used to ti within a few sessions.
I think as long as it somewhat comfortable you'll get used to anything you ride. (unless you're really picky haha)


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11/14/2013 6:11 PM

Always been frontload for me, too scared a toploud will make my bike feel too different for me to wanna try one out haha


11/14/2013 8:15 PM

My Premium Sub 10 FL with 48mm reach was great. I'm still as short and changed to a Sunday Freeze TL almost a year ago with 30something rise and 52mm reach. It's a tiny bit tall but I'm used to it. I was a dumbass and got 8.75" Fit Mac bars which I totally regret. I've tried selling them for $60 near brand new for about half a year and nothing yet..


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11/14/2013 9:47 PM

I used to run 8.55 tall bars with a front load(50mm), now running 8.25 with a top load(48mm).

I'm keeping the front load though in case i want to switch up.
front loads look more "street" lol


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11/14/2013 9:53 PM

i run a 48mm top load profile stem


11/14/2013 11:42 PM

At the moment I have a Frontload an I always have, but my next stem will probably be a Topload.


11/15/2013 12:41 AM

Well, I just bought a front load stem from our shop last week, the Amber Glyph Stem which has a 50mm reach.. I really love my stem, even if I haven't put it yet to a test.



11/15/2013 5:11 AM

I like both and currently running a front load. Definitely like shorter stems though. Was running a 53 and went to a 48 and I like it better.


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11/15/2013 3:06 PM

i run the premium v2 flipped... its nice.. idk it loks decent and is high enough.. what more do you need with a stem...


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11/16/2013 2:32 PM

bottomload, cuz 8.65" bars are way taller than I grew up with.



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11/16/2013 2:46 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/16/2013 2:50 PM

Front load ^^^^^ i like top load but i haven't tried front load yet so idk.


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11/16/2013 2:49 PM

Frontload because they look normal , I don't like my stem looking like it has a boner from my handlebars


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11/16/2013 6:32 PM

Brayden_Buckingham wrote:

Frontload because they look normal , I don't like my stem looking like it has a boner from my handlebars

Funny, because this is exactly why I prefer a top load.


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11/16/2013 7:04 PM

I like a 48mm top load. I run the Madera mast. Thing is a beauty. Only slipped once when it was loose landing nose first off a big drop, actually saved my wrists if it wouldnt have. The main reason i went from a 52mm top load to a 48mm is because it makes barspins a lot easier. I cant stand having slow barspins. I wanna upgrade to a frame with a 75 degree headtube i think because the 74.5 makes it a little slow and awkward. The turning is a lot better with a 48mm for me.


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11/17/2013 12:13 AM

i flipped my top load for a while since my bars were a little too tall. but eventually i got new bars and flipped my stem back and riding top load feels really amazing!


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11/17/2013 12:15 AM

Front load, I am thinking of gettin a flatland stem to help me work on being smooth with my movement, as snappy movement with one of those will crash you, but I ride shorrt reach frontloads.