Stem and bar height question

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3/2/2015 10:34 PM
Edited Date/Time: 3/2/2015 10:40 PM

Ok Im getting a new stem and bars here pretty soon. Im looking at the sunday freeze stem and the Fit skyscraper bars which are 9.25 rise. My question is how does stem height/rise affect bar height? My stem sits almost at the top of the headtube one small spacer and my bars are short causing me to be bent over pretty far due to my long torso. I want them to be comfortable. Will this setup be too tall or be perfect?


3/2/2015 11:59 PM

Try a stem with a high rise first and run em for a while to see if you like it. If you still feel hunch over then buy higher bars.


3/3/2015 2:09 AM

I 5'6 and I went from 8.75 to 8.25 with a top load and it feels really good to not be hunched over. Also if you're considering bars 4pcs are sweet


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3/3/2015 3:45 AM

A top load stem will raise the bars. In the specs of the stem it will have "rise". So if the rise is 20mm. Your bars will be 20mm higher than a front load in the same position on the steerer tube.

So take the height off your current bars from the height of the other bars and add the rise of your new stem and that will equal how much height your bars will be.

What you should do is up grade one at a time. If you feel the bars a to small but like your stem upgrade the bars. Or if you like the geo of your bars but want more height get a different stem. The fit upload has the highest rise on the market, so you could get what you need from one purchase instead off two.


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3/3/2015 3:50 AM

Stem rise and bar rise have the same effect on how the bike feels. Same with Headset stack height and any spacers you might have. Add all that stuff together, and that tells you how much total rise you would have.

As an example, I'm currently collecting parts for a new bike, and I want it to feel simular to my current bike. I'm currently running Odyssey Sweepstakes bars (9" rise) and an Enduro stem (30mm = 1.182". Don't ask me why bars are speced in inches and stems are speced in MM. It's retarded) with no spacers, and I'm going to use the same headset, so I'm not worried about that. My total rise is 10.182".

On my new bike I want to run T1 bars (8.85"), so I can either use an 1/8" spacer and the same stem (10.157, close enough), or what I've decided to do is use a SXTN stem (33mm = 1.3" rise) which is 10.15" (also close enough). If I really wanted to go full retard on it, I could find a headset with a little more stack height, but I don't think that would be noticable).

I hope that answered your question.


3/3/2015 4:37 AM

Sunday Freeze has a huge rise to it. With 9.25 bars. I would imagine it would feel like perfect 10's. If your bars feel to low the Sunday Freeze will definitely help your problem. Sunday Freeze has a cheap price but good quality part. Sunday would be the way i would go?


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3/3/2015 9:59 AM

Thanks guys. Im gonna try the stem first then the bars.