Stolen Heist 2012 vs Verde Eon 2012

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12/11/2011 9:03 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/11/2011 9:07 PM

Getting a new bike, and im wondering which one is the better bike and why?


12/11/2011 9:04 PM

i'd say verde out of those two but look at ambers!


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12/11/2011 9:08 PM

The stolen heist is way better but the eons okay i guess. My friend had eon an forks snapped.
The Amber strut is a good, durable, cheap bike for starts so i recommend that


12/11/2011 9:54 PM

They're both shit. Invest in parts for your current bike!


12/12/2011 2:49 AM

Seriously, if you're gonna get a complete, the best bang for the buck appears to be the ambers. If you're just starting and don't already have a good bike, go with them. I may be ordering one for my oldest son, when his hyper starts breaking.


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