Stolen bike co. Completes?

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9/30/2014 4:08 PM
Edited Date/Time: 9/30/2014 4:32 PM

Has anyone actually bought a stln complete? I was just wondering because the new 2015 line they just dropped looks like a great deal but from pictures there're frames look kinda cheaply made, just wondering because I was looking at the kink search and I hear a lot more from people on this site saying that they have quality parts on there're completes, any other bikes anyone wants to suggest please do so, oh and another question I'm 6'1 and I'm contemplating on what size tt I should get because cult just dropped they're new line as well and they look super clean but they all come in 20.75" just wondering how much of a difference it would be compared to a 21"


9/30/2014 5:16 PM

Damn no help at all


9/30/2014 5:18 PM

you posted it 45 minutes ago


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9/30/2014 5:45 PM

almost 30 minutes later and still no help! god everyone on this site sucks, why isn't everyone on here 24/7 helping this guy out!


9/30/2014 8:02 PM

Ok, I'll bite. How old are you? If you're not growing, I'd say 21". If you're still gonna be growing, I'd possibly bump it up to 21.25. This is just a suggestion though, I mean I'm 6'2 and run a 20.75. Anyway, look for stuff like sealed bearings, double wall rims, and as much chromoly as possible


Honestly? Who gives a shit. Its the fucking internet. I hate all of you equally.

9/30/2014 8:49 PM

Friend broke his Stolen Sinner the other week after 4 years of insane riding. I guess the frames cant be too bad.


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9/30/2014 11:45 PM

i had 2011 stolen sinner for couple years before i bought a custom complete, everything on the bike was good. How much are you looking to spend?