Street Rat Bike (Long Read)

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5/11/2014 7:13 PM

Pretty much a park rat and street style build. Not drastically light but definitely on the "average lightweight" scale, not on a feather weight scale which for me, a feather weight bike is like 21 pounds and under, average lightweight being 22 pounds (which is what this build would be) up to probably like 23 pounds and probably considering 24 pounds and up as "average". 24 pounds being average because that seems like a really common weight nowadays, as well as like 25 - 27 pounds

Anyway. I got some Demolition Elite Forks today, now before anyone is like "those forks are going to break" or "those forks suck", I feel comfortable considering myself a smooth rider, I hardly do gaps/drops that can even really come close to being considered "large".

But onto what I am planning on building, the bike will consist of a really responsive frame, freecoaster, gyro brakes, fat tires and whatever else. Also I am unsure of what spoke color to get, either the one I listed, or a different color or just plain black. As well as unsure of which chain, I do know they are different styles of chains, but they are both good.

Alright so, this is the build list.

Total Killabee Frame 20.7TT (Apple Silver)
Shadow Stacked Headset (Polished)
Demolition Elite Forks (Black)
Colony Squareback TL Stem (Black)
Premium CK 8.5" Bars (Matte Silver)
Stolen Loot Grips "Flangeless" (Black)
Fit Lo-Bolt Pivotal Seat (Faux Leather / Brown)
Premium Stump Pivotal Post (Black)
Shadow Stacked 22mm MID Bottom Bracket (Polished)
Premium 2 piece 22mm Cranks 175mm (Black)
Stolen Thermalite SP Pedals (Black)
Shadow Serpent Sprocket 28T (White)
Shadow Interlock v2 Chain (Black) ((OR)) KMC 710-SL Chain (Silver)
Front: United Indirect Tire 2.35 (Black w/ white stripe)
Rear: United Direct Tire 2.30 (Black w/ white stripe)
Colony Contour Rims (Chrome)
Primo Forged 14g Spokes (Brown, to match the seat)
Shadow Rant Front Hub (will be painted flat white with a matte clear coat)
Federal v2 Freecoaster 10T RHD (will be painted flat white with a matte clear coat)
Kink Drift PC Pegs (Black)

For the cranks being premium. AGAIN I can comfortably consider myself a "smooth rider". My current premium stock cranks, which are not 48 spline, are from a bike that came out in 2009. And they still work PERFECT


Welp, broke past 1000... yeeeee

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5/11/2014 8:51 PM



I love my bike but i hate myself
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