Stuck bewteen two rims to build

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7/31/2015 8:34 PM

Last week i made post about me deciding on should i build a wheel or not i ask about what rim to buy i listen to everybody and biggybuggy told to get the odyeesy quadrant rim or sun rhyno lite xl rim i went wih his suggetion about getting the sun rhyno lite xl just becasue i already got the quadrant for my rear wheel kinda dont want the same rim in the front. So the other rim i was looking at was the cinema 777 rim in white or deep purple/panited purple but they only have one white rim left and probably going to be gone by the time i build my wheel in the first week in August for my bday so if it is gone by the time i place my order then it would the purple or the sun rhyone lite xl. So i already got 3 purple parts on my bike now sproket pedals hub guards how many purples can i have and would 4 be to many purple parts so im going to finnish so again deep purple rim or white rim both are cinema 777 if they still will have it by the time i order it or the sun rhyno lite xl.


ref-momoney brought a frame.

8/1/2015 5:35 AM

Not sure if CSB or actual question...


8/1/2015 6:26 AM


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