Subrosa simon Barracco Salvador frame vs colony apprentice frame

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10/5/2017 9:33 AM

If anyone could give me a little opinion and input into which is a better frame and overall bike company


10/6/2017 6:07 AM

Are you talking about frames or completes?
Because the Simone Barracco sig frame is called the noster, however subrosa makes completes called salvador.
I had a salvador as my first bike and i have been riding for 9 months and the only parts that havent broken is the back wheel frame and cranks.
From what i hear colony make some good completes and the salvador is good for beginners.



10/6/2017 6:29 AM

Standard, FBM, S&M, Sunday

That’s pretty much the only frames I would even consider. 2 lifetime warranties and 2 that stand behind the frames they make


10/6/2017 7:54 AM

Sunday was great to me. I bought a complete sunday from my lbs. I tweaked one of the dropouts when I was putting my pegs on. They send me a pro frame and all I had to do was pay shipping


10/7/2017 11:50 AM

@Edman123 there is a Simone barracco salvador frame that’s the one I chose over colony apprentice frame Photo



10/7/2017 11:52 AM

And also there is a link to the subrosa brand YouTube channel showcasing the complete check it out and lmk what u think ">


10/7/2017 1:15 PM

The apprentice frame is a flatland frame.. not sure what exactly you are trying to ask. What is your riding style? Park or street? Because flatland frames are way smaller and made for flatland style riding. Try to be more specific, and it seems to me that the Subrosa salvidor sold as a complete bike, if it were an after market frame it would be better made. Simon's signature frame is the Noster frame, but he had or has a signature line of subrosa complete bikes, much like a lot of other pro riders. If you are a biginner at bmx let us know the style u ride, tricks you wanna learn, and maybe your height and weight. This can help us narrow down your options depending on your price range


10/7/2017 2:46 PM

I already bought the Simone Salvador frame and I ride street and park not beginner by any means my kink just recently snaped


10/7/2017 2:47 PM

But now I have another question. To ask u that maybe you could help me with I need a new crank set what do you recommend for durability and quality but also inexpensive ?!!


10/7/2017 2:48 PM

And I’m 58 about 190


10/8/2017 12:44 AM

Odyssey or profile cranks. Not the cheapest, but lifetime warranty.
I personally prefer profiles, maybe they flex a bit more or something but they just feel more comfortable to me. I've had odyssey twombolts too, and they're the only other cranks I'd consider buying


10/8/2017 4:17 PM
Heat treated arms and spindle, friendly price. U will need a 19mm bottom bracket for them