Sunday Aaron Ross ex 2013

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3/25/2018 10:52 AM

I have a Sunday Aaron Ross ex 2013 , good bike , good Parts , but rides and lands very stiff , if i ride my mates haro plaza everything is much more smooth and rides soft , tire pressure is about the same in both bikes , everything on the plaza feels smoother and easyer however not being used to the bike , what can i change to make it better?


3/25/2018 11:00 AM

What size tyres do you have and what size tyres are on the Plaza? A larger tyre will be more "compliant" and soak up a little more of the landing.

Thicker grips would help a little but not a huge amount.

Does one have significantly different dimensions to the other? It could be that you're moving badly on landing due to a poor fitting bike.


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3/25/2018 11:13 AM




The first picture is the specs of the Sunday and the other 2 the specs of the plaza
The Sunday is 20.75 tt ,the plaza is 20.5 tt

3/25/2018 11:26 AM

Hard to say what it could be exactly. My two main thoughts are:

Tires and wheels. These are (usually) the only parts of your bike that are in contact with the ground. If you say the Haro is smoother riding and landing, check out the differences in the tires. Tread/wear, etc. Tires make all the difference in the world in cars, so it’s not unreasonable to think they would change the dynamics of a bike.

Wheels are pretty similar. Riding someone’s bike who has nice, true and well built wheels will feel miles different than older out of whack wheels.

It could just be that the Haro fits you better. It sounds crazy but when I got my new frame I migrated 100% of the parts from my old bike to my new bike and it just feels way better.

If it’s that big of a difference...You might wanna sell the Sunday for a Haro?


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3/25/2018 11:34 AM

The Sunday has a 20.75’’ tt and the haro is 20.5’’ tt could it make that big of a difference? The tires only Differ 0,5’’ , the plaza frame is 100% cro-mo , the Sunday is Mostly cromo , the bikes are both fairly new so that is not a thing either , i dont really want to Sell the bike but i dont mond changing parts


3/25/2018 7:18 PM

zerowhitemonster wrote:

The Sunday has a 20.75’’ tt and the haro is 20.5’’ tt could it make that big of a difference? The tires only Differ 0,5’’ , ...more

I honestly don’t think a .25” difference in TT length would affect the feel that much, but you say the tires are .5” difference? That sounds like a lot.

The full chromoly would probably make a negligible difference in feel. I went from a 20.8” TT to 21.25”. You wouldn’t think so but the difference in size means I feel more comfortable on the bike, therefore now I can actually hop higher and manual longer.

It could be mental, but bmx is mostly mental.


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3/26/2018 6:44 AM

I got your message btw, sorry I'm just not really used to the messaging process on Vital. Anyway -

I went from a 2011 SE Heavy Hitter frame (20.8TT Length, 13.625" CS length, full chromo fork bars and frame) to a 2017 S&M Black Magic frame 21.25"TT Length, 14.1"CS length slammed.

Tires, wheels, grips, bars, brakes, seat, cranks, pedals, sprocket, fork, headset, stem, everything migrated over. I was nervous about getting such a drastically bigger frame underneath me, but 180's seem to come a bit easier, I can definitely hop higher, and I'm locking into manuals much much easier than before.

Hell, this weekend I taught myself feebles, switch wall rides, I can now toe jam/nose press, and I got up to an A-frame ledge that I never thought I'd be able to reach.

Again, I don't think you can realistically point out one single thing on your bike that makes it less "right" than your friend's bike. I think it just comes down to being more than the sum of its parts. A properly fitting bike will make everything else seem to fall into place a little easier.


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