Sunday sweepers or cult vans

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7/21/2017 3:14 PM

Which one would be better for park and street


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7/21/2017 3:19 PM

street sweepers or be a real G and get fit faf or fly rubens


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7/21/2017 3:20 PM

Don't get the vans tires. All I hear is bad things about them


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7/22/2017 2:44 AM

Between those I don't know, but you can't go wrong with a bsd tyre.


7/22/2017 4:43 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/22/2017 5:23 AM

I've been wanting a pair of vans tires, ever since I first saw them. I'm not into slicks really. I think slicks are good for park, but not that great for street. I hit some sand yesterday and washed out with my cult dehart slicks. I'm over these tires. Not saying it wouldn't have happened with the vans tires, but i bet they do have more traction. Nothing wrong with street sweepers if your into slicks. They are very popular in my town.


7/24/2017 8:25 PM

Animal GLH. I've been running them front and back in 2.1 and they have been awesome. If you ride street especially crusty type spots these are the best. No punctures through many a hobo glass alley and have violently cased all kinds of edges where I was shocked the meaty tread saved me from a pinch flat. Also this tire is run by like 4/5 street riders so that speaks for itself. These are lasting a long time brakeless for me too and when they are done (about 3 months in and have lots of life left) I'll either be trying them in 2.35 or giving the animal MTT in 2.35 a try.

For reference I've also ridden odyssey aitken streets (2.4 front and 2.25 rear) which were just fine but unremarkable and odyssey hawk tires in 2.2 tan walls front and back which were horrible for me. Very squirmy at my weight and I shredded the sidewalls in one sesh (granted I was grinding shitty ledges and these were certainly not designed for that).

If you are going to ride more park than street the Merritt Option tires seem legit, tons of riders run those as well. They are a street oriented tire and have a seemingly interesting design/tech so they'd be a good choice for your intentions too, only reason I mention them in a park sense is that by the looks of them they won't last as long riding grimy street (softer compound, lower profile tread). If you're interested in riding your tires with minimal psi which is an increasingly common setup preference that's another reason you might want to look into these as they are designed (strategic rubber distribution throughout top and sidewalls) to handle nearly airless tubes with squirm and bust protection. These will also make mouse sounds more than the Animals. Whatever you do stick with black tires though. Gum/colored tires mess with your puberty transformation and later with your T levels.


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7/25/2017 5:16 AM

In my experience with the cult vans they aren't great.... they wear way faster than pretty much any other tyre I've ran. Unless you run a break and only ride park I wouldn't recommend them they are more a gimmick.