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2/20/2016 1:37 AM
Edited Date/Time: 2/20/2016 1:43 AM

Since my discovery of a driveside guard , been trying switch grinds more lately , on a super small ledge , not even skatepark high. It used to be my regular side early on haha .

I can switch feeble decently , and switch smiths oddly feel better than regular smiths because I naturally hang / kickout my backend that way . And my switch icepick ( attempts ) are my regular way of doing them .. "Regular" icepicks are fucked.

Anyone know if learning switch feeble - regular hard 180's would be a decent thing to learn ? Or is it better to switch 180 out of a regular grind ?

As well , why do I always land out of smiths nose heavy ? It's everytime , don't know why .

How / when should I try crooks ? They scare the shit out of me , even the run up / hop / mindset fucks with my head .

Is I weird I can flat crankflip in Vans but not Nikes ? Why do I ride switch forks but not found the switch button yet ? Where can I get dark gum 4.5 Eclat venom sleeves in Canada?


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2/20/2016 3:34 AM

Wouldn't the 180 be oppo on an oppo feeble hard 180? Unless you grind on the "wrong" side? Or when you say switch do you mean switch cranks?

With smiths, try to lift your back wheel off before the peg comes off, so you kind of nollie/toothpick out of it, and kick the back end out away from the ledge. Not drastically, just enough so your back peg misses it on the way down. And put your body weight central. Then you should land both wheels at the same time.
Can't remember if you have a guarded sprocket or not. If you do, just go for the crooks. My biggest fear is landing on, or catching the sprocket on the way off. I learnt them pegless (kind of more on my pedal/crank arm though) but only had them for a day then got too scared of wrecking my sprocket. If your non drive side rear peg is on the rail you're less likely to hit your sprocket though


2/20/2016 8:56 AM

Learn switch feeble 360s....if I get 4 pegs going that's a trick I want to get


2/20/2016 9:37 AM

I'm guessing you have janoskis? Which are way thicker than vans so I can't really grip the pedal as well when kicking back my pedals on a crankflip.


2/20/2016 10:11 AM

just grind and spin, just fuckin go for it. and i feel you on landing smiths nose heavy. it might be because you're doing them on a smaller ledge. think about it like this: in a smith you're already nose heavy since the front of the bike is lower than the back. if the ledge is too low it can be hard to push your back end down in time


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