Switching Up Bikes

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6/3/2013 10:55 PM

I just finished building my old Haro frame and now have 2 street toys to play with. The first is my SD Downtown frame pegless with a freecoaster. The second is my old 100.1 frame rawed with a cassette and pegs on the left. Obviously the second one is the one I plan to abuse the most ;-). After 2 weeks of getting used to the coaster, I got lazy and couldn't backpedal when getting back on the cassette tonight. Only other difference between them is the bars and pedals. I have the Animal Hamilton pedals and Hyrone bars for the first one, and BPEs and Haro Crmo 7 bars for the second one, which are 3.5" narrower and 1/4" shorter. I find it more comfortable hopping with the smaller bars and metal pedals so thats my grind bike and for basically putting in work. The main one is my Custom Complete Custom (yes I'm calling it that) and is for when I'm in the mood to show off or I'm just riding through the streets.


So who else rides different setups and how does it affect your riding style? Or who prefers to only ride their main setup? If I had more space I would probably be looking for a third bike right now...