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6/30/2015 3:09 PM

I just found out they have a forum, but its mostly porn. Wtf! Hahaha its BMX right? Is anyone on there?


6/30/2015 3:14 PM

It's all spam


I'm on the vital legit list!

7/1/2015 1:40 AM

Went to shit many years ago



Vital- KyMike, FEDEXdoobie, adrenalinebmx ,MaximusBikes
Bmx-forum-Tumitama, archerbiker9(2x), mrsanchezz, nguyenna, JoeyBones, fast-and-loose and many others
Also multiple sales on and PinkBike. Theres to many to list all. Most sales are done through texting I havent been able to keep track of who is who.

7/1/2015 7:27 AM

Went to shit years ago,also its not 2009 anymore


Follow on instagram will follow back.

7/1/2015 9:07 AM

It's a trap


"It's like riding someone's bike and they got the same frame" -Four
Refs:Four x4,tomdon x5,Xxohioanxx,BigCurn, Don't remember the rest

7/1/2015 10:12 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/1/2015 10:12 PM

peggiesmalls wrote:

Went to shit years ago,also its not 2009 anymore

This. Went to shit sometime mid 2010 I think cause Adam22 changed the layout to a horribly ugly layout... He eventually did change it back but by then everyone was gone...

Many good times on there, it's where I learned to troll and piss people off on the internet lolol. Sometimes when I'm really bored and shuffling through websites I'll check it out but it's all spam/porn posts.

edit- I just had a funny idea to go over there and troll all the idiots spamming porn just for lulz hahah.


7/4/2015 7:02 PM

Yea me to I just left