The Official Shoe review thread.

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7/26/2015 1:44 PM

So since this is a topic that comes up. I think we should sticky this, If you would like to add your own review of your shoes please do so- I'm hoping for this format, to keep it all nice and tidy...

brand, and model of the shoe(with color and material.

rough guess of time on shoes
xhrs x days of the week

time owned x days, weeks, month, year, (whatever works)


ankle support

(if you can find out what widths the shoes come in, please list them, narrow, normal, and wide)


pedal feel (and also list the pedal you used because some will feel different from others)
-barefoot(like you were in barefeet)
-sandals(like you were wearing a thin pair of foam sandals on your bike think we've all done that)
-average (can feel it decently well)
-boots(basically its no feel to pedals)

your opinion about the shoes talk about the fit, the impression, any problems, whatever you really want...
a pic of THE SHOE and then a pic of YOUR SHOE (so we can see what they look like in how ever long it took to finish em off. if you don't have the shoe anymore don't worry about it- just find a google pic and only use the stock picture of it.


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