The lubrication oil film bearing in rolling mill

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7/31/2014 11:18 PM

A, the lubricating oil film bearing in rolling mill
Bearing, oil film bearing, slide was born in a family full of fluid lubrication under the condition of working condition. Oil bearing is to use the principle of fluid dynamic embellish of wine as a shaft bearing component of relative movement, oil and oil viscosity in wedge bearing fracture and form the flow of fluid pressure and formation of the coffin car bearing oil.
Bearing oil film and oil film pressure, balance shaft neck and insulation casing, the friction between solid and liquid metal friction and minimum friction element internal friction, maximum range satisfy the bearing pressure and impact speed and precision, change the size and structure, rolling and resource requirements.
The design of the Reynolds equation, according to the rolling steel stress, speed, bearing and lubricating oil viscosity blank four elements, constantly forming realize stable bearing oil film, you oil moisten mobile liquid is mill working status in different friction and embellish; In other words, once and stop the process, is officer inversion half dry friction and boundary friction and middle oil, lubricating oil mixture filling load friction and normal operation, result in liquid friction damp. But because the bearing lubrication mode terminal 3.Bearing grease is converted to analysis
(1) the runtime, the table, although between shaft bearing, but due to the velocity is zero, injecting liquid flow, MaWeiLing 圧 embellish formation or to vanish, direct contact necessarily as shaft bearing, the two sides in the oil and the half dry friction "state.
(2) in service, and because of a concussion mill cancel the remaining deficiencies or fat has a problem can also be mixed lubrication.
(3) standardized become smooth, lubricants. Therefore, the oil film lubrication is mixed lubrication with the characteristics of the three.
In order to adapt to high speed, iron and steel enterprise ロ ー ー ー バ ト ン ド ・ オ メ ー シ ョ DaXingHua and we need to determine the oil film bearing in rolling mill lubrication requirements of all the harsh conditions figure rolling mill bearing oil oil oil bearing oil.
Second, the oil bearing lubrication requirements.
The lubrication characteristics of oil film bearing in rolling mill, select the oil performance meet the requirements, to ensure the healthy and continuous production of rolling mill bearing oil oil, so you need to:
(1) the excellent properties and viscosity-temperature coefficient (high viscosity temperature change sharply, impurity bearing lubrication part still can obtain different normal lubrication.
(2) the biggest productivity (waterproof), use for a long time, the rapid separation of oil and water, etc.
(3) good performance and functional performance hydraulic water mixed with oil film didn't wear and gartner maintain overloading performance.
(4) good foam resistance, metal performance, in order to prevent rust, lubrication system, road traffic, the plot.
(5) good oxidation security, washing and filtering ability. Lubrication system, to ensure that the channel is normal lubrication.
Third, oil lubricated bearing lubricating oil's management and use requirements
(1) bearing lubrication management and disposal
Data show that in the early wear and the main cause of mechanical failure, is more than half of the fuzzy control technology. Team atmosphere look brand-new face lubrication management measures and bearing, friction drive components, clean cut and agglomeration, prevent and reduce friction, reduce equipment wear and prevent environmental accidents, equipment production efficiency; Said to save energy, improve energy efficiency, and increasing economic benefits, lubrication management priority.
1. Lubrication management is to control the technology, special lubrication technology leader, himself also appears lubricating system lubrication management and use of technical knowledge learning.
2, tank capacity under the condition of reasonable, rational people, often added water tank, fuel tank oil level of oil - oil, oil tank and reasonable running, run gas separation plant humidity and temperature lower oil absorption is good.
3. Timing, positioning in the process of charging operation requirements (oil, colour degree and asahi viscosity, water content, different color change, performance characterization and pollutants, such as foam performance test, when the oil raw material humidity 0.1%, higher than the physical wear and tear more than 0.5 surge; lubrication is very dangerous. Intelligence - smell.
4. Inspection, this paper compares and analyzes record bad lubrication, improve prediction and local and measures. Level of oil, fat or oil temperature and pressure control and interlock reliable safety accident lubrication.


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