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10/22/2013 3:49 AM

Hoaw Hoaw whats crackin?

Im a skater that busted his ankle so bad i can't produce enough flick to level out a teeny tiny ollie so I dusted off my bmx, got a few bits and bobs to bring it up to speed.

I've got a couple of options I was hoping you boys would help me decipher?

Heres the current Whip: i think its a 2006 or 07 hoffmann rhythm (haha) odyssey dirt forks (14mm) some kinda snafu stem which is still ok by todays standards im told, 48h DK back wheel everything else is unknown cranks are solid though.

As I'm a tall un (6' 3") i got some BSD raiders on there just so the bike don't feel cramped, anyway I've realised that this bike is a million times heavier than anyone elses and want some floaty lightness in my life.

Option 1: Cult Butter Frame on sale £200, BSD ghettos (homie hook up) £40 United front wheel £60 New sprocket £40
Total £340

This price got me wondering whether its better to get a complete and slap on my bits and bobs(raiders, stem, odyssey jc pcs, animal seatpost and dub seat)

Option 2: new bike

a) Subrosa Arum XL 2014 £385

b) United Supreme 2014 £400

c) WTP trust 2013 £424

long post for a load of bullshit but im trying to get buck on a bike and I'm hoping if i can hop things at stem height on a lead bike then ill hoping ridiculously on a lighter piece.

good lookin out!


10/22/2013 5:48 AM

Option 1 or 2c. Option 2 a & b are mostly hi-tensile steel frames. The Trust is full chromoly like the Butter frame.


10/22/2013 6:24 AM

ah shit didnt even pick up on that thanks man,

new contender, whats the word?


10/22/2013 8:14 AM

Lord Flimzay wrote:

ah shit didnt even pick up on that thanks man,

new contender, whats the word?
>>>>> ...more

Thats nmot a bad idea either. But custom is always the way to go ImO