The rollout on a fakie

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5/1/2013 4:03 AM

Ok guys I can fake backwards no problem but here's the problem it's the rollout...

Ok guys when am just about to rollout (am right foot forward spin to the left) I should bring my left handlebar to my body to rollout that way if it makes sense but as soon as I try an turn out of the fakie I just get thrown off the bike completely am not going that fast and also I don't turn to aggressive either to throw me off but it feels comfortable more (I still carnt do it though) in bringing my right handlebar to my body to rollout that way even though an right foot forward how do I stop getting thrown off the bike it's really annoying me now has anyone got any tips or any advice they could help me with


5/1/2013 4:06 AM

When you're rolling backwards try to lean back a little bit, that should help.


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5/1/2013 4:10 AM

Yer I do lean back were all my weight well body is over the back tyre smile


5/1/2013 7:43 AM

I have the same problem try a less aggressive turn


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5/1/2013 8:07 AM

I havent fucked up a fakie unless I was going to hit someone for like 6 months.



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5/1/2013 8:20 AM

watch a fuck ton of how too videos over and over again. pay close attention to every aspect of the movement. then go try them. then watch more videos. then try again...etc
thats how i learned.


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