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9/7/2013 5:13 PM

Well, I really like the looks and specs of The Take Ivy 5. I looked up some reviews and couldn't really find much more than just three on vital. none of which i trust anyway.

while visiting the takes website i was wondering about their history in bmx? anyone know what their story is and what they are all about? i couldnt find out much about their origins nor about their contributions to bmx. and while i guess none of that has much to do with whether or not their products are solid. it has a bit to do with whether or not i want to support them as a company.

So, vital, my question is...

what do you guys think of the ivy and does anyone ride one? what was your experience?

and part two...

can anyone shed some light into what the take is all about and what makes them a company i should (or should not) support? why buy them over an fbm that is made in the same factory?


9/7/2013 5:25 PM
Edited Date/Time: 9/7/2013 5:27 PM

i can't tell you nothing about that brand but i can tell you about mutantbikes. The creator of the company is a man that start riding freestyle bmx in 1987. In 1997 he opened a online store at home , he sent a letter to people with the parts and the prices. In 2006 he and another man created the company ilegalbikeco. that you guys know of course. A few years later he quited ilegalbikeco. to fully suport the new brand mutantbikes. They even built a indor park that they were forced to close due to financial issues , 3 years latter. Ah , they have a like a dog , the image of the brand ahah. It was givven by a flybikes guy in 2003. the park.

This is the story :/ Check theire website. Nice team too.


9/7/2013 5:34 PM

The Ivy 5 frame is manufactured by FBM which may or may not influence your decision


9/7/2013 5:55 PM

And i have seen the fbm history and i very much do support FBM! i just wanna know why go with the take over an FBM?


9/7/2013 6:21 PM

Same tubing and processes as fbm frames.


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9/7/2013 8:46 PM

trainwrex wrote:

And i have seen the fbm history and i very much do support FBM! i just wanna know why go with the take over an FBM?

Just guessing with no research... Any of these reasons.
Different materials
Different geometry
More specific to a different style of riding


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9/8/2013 12:12 AM

Didn't Chris Zep or John Lee start the take? All i know is they are fucking solid frame and a cool ass company.


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