These look like a really good deal.

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6/10/2013 1:22 PM

are they trailmix pedals or just some old Odyssey pedals??


6/10/2013 1:27 PM

They are Twisted Metal pedals. You know the Twisted P.C Pedals? Well these are the Metal version. Very old.


6/10/2013 5:02 PM

That link sent me to Google play to download some app lol


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These bars are officially stupid.

6/10/2013 5:05 PM

OneEyeIlluminatiGuy wrote:

That link sent me to Google play to download some app lol

You have a virus now :D


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6/10/2013 10:01 PM

their only half inch spindles so they wont fit in 3pc cranks they will only fit in 1pc



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6/10/2013 10:33 PM

Yeah they are Twisted Metals, but they only fit one piece Cranks due to the 1/2" Axle. I'm pretty sure they made 9/16" ones though.

BTW, Winstanleys has the Jim Cielencki Metals, which are pretty much the same as the Trailmix, for £18.50.