This a good bike?

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8/21/2013 11:43 AM

i was searching and found this bike and i wanted to know if it was good ,,,,6/DK/Raven,5404


8/21/2013 12:10 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/21/2013 12:13 PM

believe it or not, my dk is actually better and it is from walmart (this one: )

one of the most annoying problems you would encounter is the bottom bracket, this one has the worst possible kind of problem for the demands of today's freestyle riding, the bearings inside of the bottom bracket are unsealed

the cranks would not be any good either because it would have a threaded or "unsealed" spindle and are the most terrible crank spindles to keep tight, because you would just use a plain old double locknut system, which is where you get two nuts and tighten them against eachother and that just does not work anymore because with the abuse the bottom bracket and cranks take (or well at least the pressure on them) would continuously loosen and come apart.

here is an example below

it also would have unsealed hubs, and the rims on it, would be absolute garbage seeing at that they are just generic single walled rims, sure the hub is a cassette but it would tend to start skipping and just lose all engagement in the rear hub, i know this because i had that exact same wheelset on my dk bike

the seat on that would feel terrible, i know because i have the same one but with a super slim padding but it still feels like shit

the forks on them might now be very good, because i think mine are bending forward and i have not even had them for 3 months yet

one other thing, the headset which is the same one on this as mine used to be, would always stay either too tight or too loose, because the internals are the most retarded way to build a headset, the thing is just absolute garbage of a headset

so all in all, i would suggest getting the one i have, which is the link up in the top of my reply because you could at least upgrade the bike with most of today's "modern" parts without spending too much...


that is my bike (the walmart one) and as you can see i did upgrade some stuff on it


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8/21/2013 12:15 PM



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8/21/2013 2:01 PM

Please, don't get it.


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