Thoughts on Subrosa bikes / parts

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10/3/2017 5:51 AM

A friend of mine is looking into getting some parts and he asked me about Subrosa, I haven't heard of them in a while so I thought I'd post here


10/3/2017 6:20 AM

In general, they still make good stuff. In general.


10/3/2017 6:26 AM

the aftermarket stuff they make is on parr with most other brands and their completes are ok for the price



10/3/2017 6:53 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/3/2017 6:54 AM

I dont own any subrosa stuff besides a shirt that was sent to me for free lol. But shadow conspiracy and rant are under the same umbrella and if you look at some of the parts, they are just branded differently.

So in a way I do.

My experience has been fair.

Only have some bar ends and a back wheel.

They sent me a faulty back wheel and my bar ends literally shoot off while im riding sometimes lol

But I would not judge a company by only a couple of their products.

On a customer service level, they are willing to do whatever to make sure the customer is happy. Above and beyond IME.

I think they all make quality products for nearly any budget if you take the shadow and rant lines of products into consideration.