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12/27/2016 2:01 AM
Edited Date/Time: 12/27/2016 2:56 AM

Hey people,
I am thinking about getting a new wheel as my eclat wheel that came stock on my wtp volta 2011 is about 4-5 years old now and the spokes and nipples are real bad on it, there is like 5 broken nipples and alot of them are stripped from ages ago, it has a big hop in it as well.

I have the demolition v2 freecoaster complete wheel on at the moment and im thinking of getting the matching front wheel which would be the Demotion Ghost complete wheel, its a ghost front hub laced to a demolition zero rim.

A few things though,
1: it's the same store where I bought my rear wheel and had to send it back 2 times because of issues and still couldn't get it warrantied even though I had issues from the start without riding it. I do realise the front wheel is no where near as complicated as a freecoaster but still.

2: This seems like an older wheel, I dont know if the wheel just sitting there for who knows how long will effect it in any way.

3: I love my demo zero rim but i have one deep thick scratch on the side from im not sure what from but my last eclat rim has never had an indent from a scratch that bad and it has came out of true but i know this happens with new wheels and with two spokes bent a bit near the hub shell on my grinding side. Most people say demo zero rims are great though.

4: The hubguard designed for it is a 7075 AL screw on hub guard, i have an alloy screw on guard in the back and its fine but i dont know about metal guards or alloy guards in the front as i dont want it to send me otb if it catchs as plastic slides better.

Any advice/help is appreciated!
Cheers. smile


12/27/2016 2:50 AM
Edited Date/Time: 12/27/2016 2:53 AM

I dont get the question? You already have a demolition wheel that lasted 5 years. Get another one if you like it. Order a different place if you dont like where you got it. Not sure what your looking for, but i just got a demolition bulimia front last week. Seems solid. The store you get it at wont effect your warranty at all. Didbyou actually talk to demolition?


12/27/2016 3:12 AM

ggallin422 wrote:

I dont get the question? You already have a demolition wheel that lasted 5 years. Get another one if you like it. Order a ...more

Im really just asking for advice on this situation and if a new wheel sitting around for who knows how long (years maybe?) will effect it in any way and if alloy screw on guards up front are okay or bad. The wheel I have at the moment is an eclat one that came stock on my wethepeople volta 2011 it has been great until the spokes and nipples started messing up like over 6 months ago. The shop talked to demolition and didn't want to warranty the wheel, so the shop replaced the axle instead, about a month later the driver spacer cracked so I talked to demolition my self and they sent me out all of the internals for free I just had to cover shipping because I live in Australia.


12/27/2016 5:31 AM

Why don't you just buy some fresh spokes and nipples and lace it yourself ?

About the screw up alloy guards, well... they are good until they're not, I had some on a colony hub, it ends up stripped, the inner part near the bearing get sharp, rub a little and on the other side the guard is not flush with the axle anymore so the axle alone is in contact with the fork and dig in it with tightening and riding.

Best front hub avaiable ; Shadow Raptor, because you can put some nice shaped press fit steel guards. (there is also some cheaper alloy version, far to be as nice shaped).
Get one before they're gone because those idiots on shadow figured out some plastics push on would be better on their new hubs (symbol I think).

I'm a plastic peg lover but for guards, steel is the way to go, here's is a pic of my setup.



12/28/2016 12:58 AM

Francky wrote:

Why don't you just buy some fresh spokes and nipples and lace it yourself ?

About the screw up alloy guards, well... they ...more

Thanks for the reply.
My whole front wheel is in bad nik (dents on the inside of the rim, front bearings seem on the way out, etc) so its not worth it plus i want a matching black front hub (my current front one is bronze)

As for the front alloy guards, do you mean the hubguard it's self strips or the axle (I have never used a front hubguard apart from the one that just attaches to the spokes so im a bit clueless) And so when you ride/grind the guard starts to tighten up or keeps getting loose and mess up the hub?

I looked at the shadow front hub with the matching demolition rim (i like things to match haha) and some spokes and that would cost me 270aud without the hub guard, the hub guard is 30 dollars and I think the store does the wheel build for free. The demolition wheel is 230 and the hubguard is another 30 but I would rather pay a little extra if the screw on guard for the demolition wheel messes up the internal axle on the front.

Any more help is appreciated, thanks smile


1/1/2017 9:15 AM

What I meant by stripped is this :

The inner alloy was litterally eat by grinding forces, so it rubs the bearing and on the other side the axle was not flush with the guard, this just cannot happen with the shadow hub, super simple press fit, always flush, just take a look.