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10/16/2016 11:51 PM

It's been like a month and a half - 2 months since I've been on my bike last , and I still don't have any reason to get back on tbh . Can anyone give me any experiences ?

Basically I woke up one day and was like "riding isn't fun anymore" and the next day I just stopped. I've been on my bike like once , and that was just cruising around . I took my posters off my wall and haven't been to the bike shop in a long time . Haven't really seen much of my riding friends either. I still watch edits and that , but I have no motivation to ride. Is this gonna be permanent or what ? I used to ride like 5 days a week easily , it was the only thing I knew and now it's like fuck , I don't even go out .

I can get a car pretty soon and figured maybe that will help if I can ride different skateparks , and thought maybe a freecoaster would keep things interesting , but I don't want to use money if I get on and decide it's still not fun .

I went from wanting a BMX tattoo to totally ignoring my bike . I walk beside it everyday and don't see it as the same. I know people will say like "ride different things" etc I know , but I literally do not want to ride , as in the spark isn't there . I almost feel like getting a standard GT with brakes and gears would be more fun


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10/17/2016 2:27 AM

Here is the best three step plan to get back into riding.

1. Google Jimmy Levan, and watch videos.
2. Get stoked and inspired.
3. Ride your bike different, dont be all about the current, ride and just goof off. Eric Elstrans a good buddy and the dude can throw down but he would rather do little goofy lines and combos cause its fun.

All in all bmx is a love hate relationship, i have come and gone with riding but the one thing i have learned is don't care what tricks you can do, just have fun man. Don't make it about being the best or learning everything, that's a silent stoke killer.


10/17/2016 5:38 AM

Sell your bike , you don't know how much fun something is till it's gone


10/17/2016 5:50 AM

Just don't ride for a bit if that's how you feel. I've "given up" plenty of times in the past, and every time I come back to it, even if it's a few years later, I see it with completely fresh eyes and get stoked more than the last time.
Don't sell your bike just yet, but don't force yourself to ride. Just do whatever else and enjoy time off the bike. Chances are by the time winter is over you'll be stoked and back on it just in time for the good weather


10/17/2016 8:07 AM

Honestly a change of scenery can make a big difference, I was at the same point you are now and I was even thinking about quitting at one point. Try doing a bit of exploring and check out new areas to ride. Get out of the town you're in and visit another city. Finding new locations to ride and meeting new people will help motivate you to ride again.


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10/17/2016 8:28 AM

Albertas nice its snow half the year so I get a nice break every year , and I ruined my knee so I haven't rode in 2 months , I'll be hungry for it in the spring


10/17/2016 10:11 AM

I've been riding for many many years and gave it up about 10 years ago. All my riding buddies either moved away or got hurt and I also had a lot of injuries and my body just hurt all the time. I decided to throw in the towel because no one around was doing it and the pains just kept coming and coming and I wasn't making a living off of it so I figured it was time. Flash forward 10 years after I got married, had a son, and then the divorce happened. I had a lot of time by myself after that and bmx came back to my mind with just the freedom of getting on it and shredding whatever I could find. So I built another bike and got back into it. I mainly ride alone and where I find the most enjoyment is riding around with my 6 year old and finding different areas to ride all the time! Body still hurts in my 30's but I have always loved bmx and will not stop until I can't ride anymore. Bmx back in my days 90's to early 2000's was a whole different world and it was in my opinion the golden age of bmx and I can't let myself forget those days because they were some of the best times in my life!


10/17/2016 10:15 AM

I have blown out both knees 6 times or so, both shoulders multiple times, left ankle, right wrist, neck injuries, back injuries, head injuries, teeth knocked out multiple times. The list goes and goes. I definitely can't hang with most of you anymore but I do what I can and that's enough for me! I'm not trying to truck drive a 20 stair anymore for sure lol


10/17/2016 11:38 AM

Recently, when I want some inspiration, I watch the older videos that I liked when I was younger, or try to find newer footage of the older riders. Seeing them still at it, even if they're not as good as they were, always gets me stoked. Watching Mike aitken ride again after his crash gets me stoked and puts everything into perspective. Interviews with some of the older riders where you get to hear about why they stopped being pro or whatever always gets me stoked. Watching fbm edits where they're all literally riding because they enjoy gets me stoked. Dan price being back on a bike gets me stoked.

Watching an edit of bangers just bores the shit out of me. I'd rather quit than turn into a rider that doesn't really get it. It's fun, it's a kids bike. Anyone that takes it too seriously or competitively doesn't get it. They might as well be in a circus, performing tricks for other people's enjoyment


10/17/2016 11:44 AM

Try Mountain biking - start with a nice singletrack for flow. Then move to whoops and now jumping is a blast. I rode/raced MTB for 19 years before getting back into BMX....nothing wrong with a little break.


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10/17/2016 12:11 PM

grumpySteve wrote:

Recently, when I want some inspiration, I watch the older videos that I liked when I was younger, or try to find newer footage ...more

I still watch all the classic BACO guys and all the old props. That stuff still gets me hyped up! I agree the new stuff is boring and is all made to sell junk or talk smack. Don't like it!


10/17/2016 3:47 PM

blizzbikes wrote:

Here is the best three step plan to get back into riding.

1. Google Jimmy Levan, and watch videos.
2. Get stoked and ...more


Elstran is ridiculous, and all he cares about is a good time. I've seen him hammer out some nuts moves, but more often than not he is doing goofy lines and weird stuff that doesn't make sense to anyone else.

Change your setup in a free way-lose the pegs, only run 2 or only rear and do nothing but peg wheelies. Bring back tricks from the 80s. Have stupid contests like longest skid over a box, or weirdest skid (tuck no hander skids or 180 to no feet footjam the front wheel skid etc).

Progression is great, but fun is the reason we ride. If you aren't having fun, find a way to make it fun, take a break, or be done. Your call, not ours.


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10/17/2016 6:44 PM

Oldguyjon wrote:

Try Mountain biking - start with a nice singletrack for flow. Then move to whoops and now jumping is a blast. I rode/raced MTB ...more

This is what happened to me. Got into MTB in my 20's. I never raced...was more into bike packing/long distance and exploring than careening down a hill, but I did and still do ride single and double track trails with decent technical areas and plan to get back into the bike packing thing now that time is freeing up as I begin to head into the retirement years

After about 20 years off of the BMX, I was moving stuff out of my parents house, and there it was in the basement....total mid-life crisis happened! I got back on it (1988 Mongoose Californian Pro) and started riding. It was/is great (and sad at the same time...had lost a lot of skills). Now, 5 years later, I ride it at least 3 times a week. My buddies I used to ride with all get together and crap all over the skateparks....making fools of ourselves and stinking up the place

I also ride with my step-son, who is learning. THAT is totally cool b/c he is at the point I had been...when everything was new and shiny...and it is cool to see him starting to go through what I went through back in the day. Sundays are the best now...we ride BMX in the morning when the park is empty, and then MTB in the evening when the trails are empty

Sometimes it just takes time away to regain the magic. You get focused on other things as you grow and evolve. For me it was music...in high school I found more fun in playing drums and bass in rock bands than riding. That became my career and the BMX just fell off the radar screen...I am VERY glad I did not sell it though. I would have lost a gem for sure.

If your heart is not in it, don't do it....but you will find that at some point, you will want to get back into it. Age and wisdom reveal lots of cool things!!!


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