Time2Shine Order Review (Update)

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3/6/2015 10:19 AM

I placed my order for 1x Fit FAF-K NV 20x2.25 about a month(?) ago.
They called me and warned me that there would be a 3 day delay.
After a week with no tracking, i began calling both of their numbers.
After a few days of being ignored, i wrote on here about it. They saw my thread and commented on it telling me that it shipped. I received tracking # via email later on.
After about 2 weeks(?) of the tracking not updating past "Order processed ; Ready for UPS" and the tire not showing up, i wrote a review both on here and on instagram.
These reviews were met with them emailing and calling me saying things along the lines of "it was trackable earlier" (total BS because i checked every day since i received the email and it never updated.)
They offered to overnight ship me a KHE Mac 2 tire ($56ish) on the conditions that i delete my reviews about them.
I accepted their offer and received the KHE tire 2 days later (i wasn't home to sign for it the first day it came.)

Overall, communication and customer service were terrible unless i did something to harm their reputation (In which case they went above and beyond to fix it.) I will most certainly not be dealing with them again, although they did make things right. This situation sounds far too similar to the situation hookjrlc (or whatever) had with them. Maybe just a huge coincidence, maybe not. Deal with these people at your own risk.


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3/6/2015 11:17 AM

I'm tempted to order something cheap from them just to see if they'll do the same thing to me.


3/6/2015 11:29 AM

They're the only ones left with the hyper Cranmer frame that frame looks so sick


3/6/2015 1:23 PM

KHE Mac tire is really squeaky and light.


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