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Philler747 Philler747
11/27/2013 9:58 PM

Does anyone know how these tires would perform as park/street tires, and would the 2.10 be wide enough in the front

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biggybuggy biggybuggy
11/27/2013 9:59 PM

They are great, id go at least 2.25 in front.

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ThugLifeBmxRiderz ThugLifeBmxRiderz
11/28/2013 1:21 AM

I've Hurd of them exploding if you grind and your tire rubs on the ledge or whatever

Bang Bang bmx

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ajohn15 ajohn15
11/28/2013 7:50 AM

The Powerblocks are really thin so I wouldn't ride street with them. But the grip is awesome, and the 2.10 is plenty big for the front. If your going to ride street get the Street block. The Powerblocks come in 2.10 at the biggest but the streetblocks go to 2.25

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