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4/22/2016 1:27 AM

Feeble - backwards feeble on ledges . I got one the first day I tried them , but not consistent . I try them on the smallest ledge lol , but whatever . I can feeble - easy 180 fine , they're not hard but doing the 180 into the grind is weird . Basically , my peg never gets on ... I land in the regular feeble , lean in and spin pretty good but my front tire is too far on the ledge and my back wheel just lands next to the ledge and hits it but my peg doesn't get on . I'm thinking I need to spot my landing and get my front tire closer to the ledge and naturally my back end will follow allowing my peg to get on , but not sure . I'm working 8 days in a row for 8.5 - 11 hour shifts so I have no time to ride unless it's like 2am in the morning haha.

Maybe hop higher before landing backwards ? Imm focused on my spin though ...

This should go into the how too but no one goes there lol


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4/22/2016 6:32 AM

haha I've been trying these recently too and got it yesterday, hopping higher made the back peg catch on the ledge.


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4/22/2016 10:17 AM

My best advice for 180 grinds is to hop far from the ledge, especially with 180 to double pegs, like 55 inches away from the ledge, it helps alot because you can pull a big 180 (and not having a weird body positioning like if you were closer of the ledge), and the rotation axis will be around your front wheel so try to reach the ledge with the front peg, and the back should follow.
For the 180 to feeble, it's alot easier, I learn't this way before the the to double peg, first, you don't need to be that much far from the ledge, around 25 to 40 inches is enough, the main (to not say the only) thing you got to think about is get your front wheel over the ledge, so pull your 180°, around 90° your front wheel should be over the ledge, the backwheel just left the ground, then, keep your head turn and bend a bit your knees, and your back peg will find the curb easily.
For 180 to smith, once you'll be able to do proper 180 to double pegs, 180 to smith will come easy.
Also, don't train you only the smallest ledges, 180 to grinds are easier on higher stuff.