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7/24/2016 5:16 PM

Before you read this: YES. I KNOW ITS AN EXTREMELY STUPID QUESTION. My tires are rated for 100 PSI. However, when I pump them up they feel really hard around 40-45 PSI. I don't want to go past that in fear that they will burst. Is it ok to go up to 100 PSI? Or should I stick to 40-45?


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7/24/2016 5:19 PM

Def go higher. Ur pretty low and u could pinch a tube. Run 60-80 psi. U could even run higher if u wanted too.


7/24/2016 5:31 PM

Run 80 and up it feels so much better


7/27/2016 1:57 AM

I took Stevie Churchill's advise. He said it on Alf's vlog. The one where Stevie builds his latest bike. Alf asks Stevie what tire pressure you run? Stevie replies 50-55psi.


7/27/2016 3:14 AM

i run 55 pounds and i personally thnk that it feels to soft but my tyres are only rated to 65 psi and am going to pump them up to 65psi. looking forward to getting some 100psi tyres to try out really high pressures.


7/27/2016 3:47 AM

i have 110psi shadow valors and i only run 70 - 80 psi


7/27/2016 4:37 AM

You can go higher, but it depends how you hard you want it. I don't even know what mine are at. Pumped them up to 60 about 3 months ago and haven't touched them since


7/27/2016 8:31 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/27/2016 8:32 AM

weight factor might play an important role here as well. @ 250lbs, I ride trails at 60. You gotta find the best ratio of traction vs speed vs how much you want your wrists to hurt.


7/27/2016 10:03 AM

Never read all the total amount of replies. BUT, in my tires, I run 40 no problem and I weigh about 200 lbs.

The tires I ride are the Federal Response Tires, my experience with tires currently is, vary your tire pressure between weight/thickness, whether it's your weight or the weight of the tire relating to how thick it is, the Federals I have are maybe 28-30+slightly more oz, and they have very thick rubber, so in turn I do not need a lot of pressure because they ride quite stiff for a thicker tire


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7/27/2016 10:31 AM

i ride 2.4 tires and they feel pretty bad at 40psi so i usually run em at about 80-90


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7/27/2016 5:15 PM

bmxer_yoshi wrote:

i ride 2.4 tires and they feel pretty bad at 40psi so i usually run em at about 80-90


Don't worry bout it. If your tire is clean on the inside and your valve is pointing straight out, you wont have to worry about your arm blowing off from the tire exploding ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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