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12/14/2016 1:27 PM

My Colony Grip Lock Tires seem to cut up easy when riding street, generally speaking on rough ground, it's probably because it may be a softer compound as well

Animal GLH Tires could be king in this situation, but just to explore other options, what about Primo WLT Tires? or the Primo LD Tires?

Winter is kickin in fairly well so the T-1 Tire Collab with Animal won't be the wisest decision at the moment. (I live in Oregon, so we do get our share of rain and frostiness.)

Anyway, back to cutting up easy, might it be MY FAULT for possibly running anywhere between 50-65 psi average in them? the weight on them is in the low 20's range in ounces, like 22 or 23 i think.

I may just say fuck it if no one replies and just play it safe with GLH tires.

Thanks for possibly taking the time to read!


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12/14/2016 1:58 PM

I only run between 50 to 60 psi and I've never had a problem with tyres cutting. I'm a fan of fit faf's, the 2.25's are a little knobblier than the other sizes and I'm running them front and rear they're awesome!


12/14/2016 2:27 PM



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12/14/2016 4:37 PM

I hear you can't go wrong with animal tires , but I don't ride much street these days


12/14/2016 7:58 PM

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