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8/6/2009 12:16 AM

I hardly biked but I felt super good. I wish I could have biked longer, hopefully I will feel the same tomorrow. I tried a 270 in this ditch type thing(its just a banked hip with elevation change) and got it like first try. I didnt really care about it too much but I will go back and practice 360s and stuff off of the bank. Then I went to one of those ledges that banks have in the drive through and landed a 180 off like 2nd try then landed them pretty much every try after that. Idk its nothing really too awesome and Ive done better things than this before but it was just cool how I was able to do it right away(it made me feel like I've actually improved)


8/6/2009 1:02 AM

cool smile why has noone posted on this ahha



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